Wednesday, April 9, 2008

things marjane satrapi said

1. the first thing she said when looking out at the sold-out audience at the shcnizter was, "i'm scared".

2. "democracy does not mean that the people are represented" in an obvious reference to the bush admin. when asked what she thinks of americans

3. when asked what she thought of smoking bans, she quoted joe strummer; "“Nonsmokers should be banned from buying any product a smoker created, which includes most art, because what artist doesn't smoke'? (or something to that extent...

4. when asked who she wanted for the next american president, she replied, " as much as i would like to see a woman in the american presidency, i am pulling for obama. hillary is too much of a politician, the world needs to deal with obama when dealing with america. it's about time this country had a smart, diplomatic representative for president."

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